The Ultimate Guide To Know The Significance Of Automotive Courses In Australia

Are you passionate about mechanics and design of a car? If your answer is yes, you can happily apply for an automotive course. Over the years, Australia has become the most popular study destination for the students all over the world because of its fantastic atmosphere as well as quality of life. So, if you want to study Automotive Courses in this country, you will be guaranteed a bright and prosperous career in the automobile industry.

What is an automotive course?

Automotive courses perth deal with study of different kinds of automobiles and their different levels of repair requirements, which range from a small scratch to full servicing or repairing the vehicles. Throughout such a course, you will be able to learn general technical skills, gain knowledge about cutting edge technology and get exposed to realistic, hands-on experience in the field of automobile engineering.

After completion of an automotive course, you will have a wide range to career opportunities, like automobile electrician, motor mechanic, repair technician etc. You can get jobs in different sectors like manufacturing, sales and distribution, heavy machinery and car dealers. Jobs can be day-to-day or dealership-hired.

Why to choose Australia as the preferred destination for an automotive course?

As mentioned earlier, Australia has immense popularity among foreign students because of its diverse culture, finest study atmosphere and better quality of life. Moreover, Australia uses one of the most advanced technologies in designing a car or a vehicle which makes its automobile industry a great place to work for. Different automotive courses in Perth can be your options for study

What will you learn in an automotive course?

While enrolled in an automotive course, you will become familiar with a variety of aspects associated with the automobile industry like designing, operating, repairing and maintenance. Highly experienced and highly skilled experts are assigned to give training which will be an added advantage. You will also get practical experience in automobile servicing and repairing. There are basically three different automotive courses in Perth that teach students basic learning to advanced level of professionalism.


  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology: The first course is Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology which is a beginners’ course, and suitable for students just out of their high school. You will be taught the basic knowledge of automobiles and a wide range of tasks required in retail, repair and servicing sectors. After completing this course, you may work as a general motor mechanic or as an automotive light vehicle mechanical repair technician.  
  • Certificate IV in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology: The next course is Certificate IV in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology which is designed for advanced candidates who had completed the Certificate III course, thus having the basic knowledge. You will get to learn advanced diagnosing tasks required in retail, repair and servicing sectors. Career opportunities after completion of this course are also little better. You may get a job of an automotive heavy vehicle mechanical master technician, or an automotive master technician, or an automotive mechanical overhaul technician or a performance vehicle technician.  
  • Diploma of Automotive Technology: The most advanced automotive course available in Perth is Diploma of Automotive Technology. This is a course where you will learn a variety of management skills like managing environmental and sustainability practice in an automotive workplace, managing customer issues in an automotive workplace. This course will give you the chance to take up leadership and management roles in the industry. You can be an advanced diagnostic technician with this qualification.

For international students, an English language test score is required just to show the proficiency in English.

How can an automotive career act as your pathway to Australia?

Prospect of an automotive career in Australia is quite bright and attractive. There is also increasing demand for an automotive career because of the fact that more people are becoming car owners every day. After graduating with an automotive course from a leading institute, you can easily apply for jobs like motor mechanic, light vehicle technician, heavy vehicle technician etc. Once you are done with your study in Perth or any other city, you may gain experience for two to three years at an automotive workplace to get a work visa in Australia. Education Agent Perth can help you in that.

You can also apply for a temporary work visa in the middle of your course, but not before completion of two years of graduation. Remember, that visa will be valid for only one and a half years and your age must be less than 50 at the time of application. If you are an international student, you have to complete a four-step job ready program to get the work visa.

In the end

Automotive career is a really promising career in Australia. But you have to choose the right course first. You can consult an Education Consultant in Perth who can guide you regarding the course details. Education Consultant Perth can help you find an experienced and skilled consultant.

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