How Are Small And Medium Enterprises Flourishing In The Coworking Space

An idea blooms into a person’s mind, he then tries to build the idea to a tangible plan. He then tries to chalk it out with proper deadlines so as to bring the idea into reality. To start a venture and turn it into a flourishing enterprise is the goal of Small and medium enterprises. SMEs are the classic examples of dust to gold. These ventures are basically aimed at providing solutions to common problems people face and make life easier. But in this process SMEs face a lot of difficulties themselves. Heavy coworking space leases, increased rents, lack of space, lack of infrastructure are a few problems among the long list of what these enterprises face.

To ease the burden on SMEs, we have come up with what was initially meant for freelancers. Coworking is an approach of working where the same space is shared by different people, companies, employees and likewise. This provides both tangible as well as non-tangible benefits. The examples of tangible benefits include cost-effectiveness, convenience, easy access to equipment, utilities and services. The examples of non-tangible benefits include sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. In the earlier stages of an SME, it needs a favourable and conducive environment to germinate and flourish into a successful venture.

It is generally seen that SMEs who approach shared office spaces perform better than those who choose independent offices. There are many reasons as to why this happens. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Because coworking spaces charge an affordable rent: Plug and play office is ideal for an SME, because it scales down the capital expenditures in the form of rent/lease, furnishings, utilities, maintenance and equipment. Instead, it enables the channelling of resources into more profitable assets. It dilutes capital investment and blows up the business profit.
  2. Because shared office spaces provide flexibility: Another trump card that a shared office offers is fluidity of both timing and space. The employees have an added advantage of work-life balance. They can swap their time slot according to one’s own convenience. This remarkably increases worker’s contentment and sequentially furthers the interest of the business. Only when the workers of a firm are dedicated in true sense, does an SME actually flourish.
  3. Easy access to utilities, services and equipment: By enrolling at a coworking space in Hyderabad you don’t have to run around to procure services, paying monthly bills and to run around in confusion when you want them discontinued.
  1. Enhancement of brand image: Having a substantial address and corporate mailing facility refines your corporate identity, demonstrates professionalism and makes your venture more approachable. When compared to a mediocre address, having an Office address at prime business hubs in the city makes your venture more executive. This creates a positive impression on your clients because it conceals the BTS of your still-progressing enterprise and projects a sophisticated and credible vision. All in all, it amplifies your SMEs prestige. The more your customers trust your brand, the more they approach you.
  2. Easy establishment and expansion: Another perk of choosing a coworking office for your SME is uncomplicated functioning. Your entire business is managed by iKeva. Everything right from phone calls to mails to courier is handled by us. Such a setup is ideal for an SME to thrive and prosper.
  3. Curtails insecurity: All legal formalities and statutory registrations are looked after by iKeva. Additionally, cyber security, encryption of data files and software updates are tackled by us. Wherefore, choosing a coworking office reduces the risk of operating your business single handedly. Legal threats can shake the roots of your SME, at iKeva, all your insecurities dwindle to negligible.
  4. Social happening and networking: Coworking centres are networking hubs. Plug and play offices give SMEs a social outreach, so that they make professional contacts, collaborate over ideas and share knowledge. Accomplishing tasks together and indulging in healthy competition gives a boost in confidence. Thus, the alliance and association of employees of one SME with another gives mutual benefits.

Small and medium enterprises are increasing rapidly in numbers. With this, is ever-increasing competition. We are constantly looking for solutions that offer two-fold benefits. One, decrease expenditures and two, burgeon profits. Coworking is the best option not only for SMEs, but also for entrepreneurs, freelancers as well as multinational conglomerates. The combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience that shared office spaces offer are the archetypal conditions for small and medium enterprises to flourish. Visit for perfect coworking space in Hyderabad  suited for your requirements.

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