Top 10 health and fitness bloggers in India

Blogging means writing useful content or informative articles. You can earn lumpsum money by just writing blogs. You can carry the whole burden of your family by dedicating full attention and time to blogging. You can do it by just sitting at home. You can write blogs in your language. You need to set up your website and decide the niche. Then start writing articles that can interact closely with the audiences. You can earn fame and name without working under someone. So to inspire you more, we are writing about some top bloggers in India below:

Anjali Shah

She is counted among the best health bloggers in India. Her blog ‘Picky Eater ‘ deals with reviews of restaurants and methods to cook mouthwatering healthy vegan food with simple, nutritious ingredients. She also provides tips to overcome lifestyle disturbances.

Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar and his team are the ones for whom Zig Verve has gained so much popularity. Zig Verve is a blog that writes articles about the following:

  • Addiction
  • Women’s health
  • Fitness Tips

Kartik Gandhi

The blogs of Kartik provides reviews of various dishes. He also writes various interesting food stories. He has written many blogs on baking.


She is a health blogger besides a health practitioner. She has written about nutritional facts, diet tips, remedies related to health issues in her blog ‘’Health Beckon’’.

Swati Murti

She writes about the following in her blog, “Perfect skincare for you”:

  • Tested DIY remedies for both skin and hair care
  • Women related health problems.
  • Reviews about the beauty product
  • Tips for maintaining hygiene and health

She has become famous after writing this blog that started in 2009. Now, this blog is considered one of the top health blogs of India.

Tarun Preet and Anamika

The blog “Fitness vs. Weight Loss” is the outcome of both Tarun Preet and Anamika’s hard work. They wanted to highlight various facts about health and fitness on their blog. For the last few years, they are accepting many writers’ write-ups related to health and fitness.


She is a writer on the one hand and a blogger on the other hand. She has completed a master’s degree in English. She loves to write about everything that can gift a healthy lifestyle to people in “TrendsnHealth.”

Vijay Diwakar

His passion for writing blogs about health and fitness became the reason for his fame. You can read about the following from his blog:

  • Tips of muscle gain
  • Beauty tips
  • Effective exercises

Amina Jenkins

She writes about sleeping habits, Quality CBD, ways to overcome stress, tips for glowing skin. Her blog is one of India’s top blogs because she answers questions related to various critical issues of health and fitness.

Neha Ghosh

She has studied to become a diet therapist. Then she started writing about effective workouts, healthy recipes. She is dedicated to making everyone fit in with the help of her blogs. Her thoughts are well reflected in her blog “Put That Cheese Burger Down.”

So if a homemaker or a student, or even an aged person can become famous by writing blogs, why not you? Their passion for writing brings them huge earnings. Writing blogs is all about expressing your thoughts.  So, boost yourself and start writing.

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