Top 7 Reasons to take-up film making courses in Bangalore

Films, an integral part of life

Cinema has become an integral part of our lives and is a mirror to society. It’s a powerful & creative medium to bring to life your ideas. In fact, filmmaking is an art of visual storytelling and is an amalgamation of entertainment, glamour, emotions, drama & action. With the pandemic confining us to our homes, cinema and/or films were the only source of entertainment that kept us going.

Reasons to study film making courses in Bangalore

  1. Film Making provides a medium to project/present ideas creatively.
  2. Film-making is an unparalleled combination of creative satisfaction, high income, fame, and glamour.
  3. The impressive skill set developed during filmmaking can be applied to various other fields. For example, communication skills, leadership skills, time management, problem-solving skills, etc., can be applied to a wide range of jobs.
  4. By pursuing Film making courses in Bangalore, you can explore multiple career possibilities like Direction, Cinematography, EditingCasting, Editing, Production (pre-production & post-production), Story writing (Script Writing & Screenplay writing), Visual effects, Action, Music& sound recording, Designing& Marketing e,
  5. Film-making involves lots of traveling, exploring new places, new cultures, new cuisine, and meeting new people.
  6. The hub of the Kannada film industry is in Bangalore and hence will provide huge opportunities to students of film making.
  7. Besides being the heart of the Kannada film industry, Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Apart from being a well-known IT hub, Bangalore is also home to many MNCs, startups, and e-commerce firms, thus opening up many opportunities in terms of ad-film making and other OTT platforms.

Film making courses

To help you excel in filmmaking, you should take up the courses like Digital filmmaking, available in the market. Such courses teach you about two key dimensions in film making, i.e., storytelling & production. These courses are curetted as per the current market trends and contemporary screen practices and include:

Technical Expertise: These courses entail an overview of film studies, Digital camera shoot, camera work, camera angles, lighting skills, filters, colors, scripting, budgeting, sound design, editing, Non-linear FCP based editing, and audiovisual productions, including social media videos, OTT platform, and web entertainment.

Hands-on Approach to learning: Such courses provide a hands-on experience at not only film, ad films& television production houses but also with other related fields like sound design house or post-production, special effects, Scripting, editing, and web entertainment companies.

Moreover, regular workshops by industry experts and experience working at the actual film/television sets give you an unsalable edge.

Portfolios & Participation in Film Festivals: Such courses help students make their portfolios and get them to showcase their skills at several film festivals organized within and outside India. Many students go on to win awards and bring laurels to their Alma Mater.

Besides this, such courses also teach students about ways to research and come up with unique ideas, stories & concepts. They also are given training in Project management, managing crews, and identification of sources of funding.

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