What is the scope after a data analytics course?

As more companies are going digital today, data is being processed and exchanged every day at an exponential rate. Such data, when used properly can give tremendously valuable insights towards the development of a business.

Data can be in the form of an image, video infographics, comments et cetera.

But such data is haphazard and unorganized and has no value. professionals of data analytics are skilled to clean, process, categorize, analyze, and model such data using different tools.

Following that, this data is used to analyze and draw insights for making crucial business decisions.

Today data analysis is a great career choice as companies regardless of their size have to deal with data and are giving increasing importance to data analysis. If you are considering a career in data analytics and thinking to explore a date analytics course, continue reading this article to know more.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business analyst is also referred to as a business intelligence analyst whose fundamental task is in finding patterns in the available data and helps in decision making that will increase the value of the company and the work they do.

Business data analysis works on data visualization, data modeling, data analyzing.

They are also comfortable working with SQL and using tools that may assist in their work. A business data analyst should also be highly skilled in communication and good at working with a group of people. An average business analyst in the US makes about $95,000 a year

Data analysts

Data analysts work with data and in analyzing the same to find groups and value opportunities for the company. They also know how to analyze industry data and then compare it with the available companies’ data to make business decisions. Data analysis works across every industry be it healthcare or travel.

Data analysts however are not expected to be experts in machine learning or AI like data scientists. But most data analysts also know programming languages, SQL, understand statistics, and are comfortable with each visualization. The average data analyst in the US makes about $75,000 a year.

Data scientist

A data scientist is much like an analyst but the two job roles are different. Like data analysis, data scientists also collect and analyze data and use it to make business decisions. Data scientists are also trained on the technical aspect of data analysis. Their skills to make informed decisions and predictions. A data scientist is usually skilled with software tools, programming languages, as well as data visualization. This is a very exciting and rewarding position and the average salary of a data scientist in the US is about $90,000 every year. Today there is more demand for data scientists with technical prowess more than ever.

Data being at the forefront of business is an excellent career choice to make. The availability of jobs is enough and the demand for skilled professionals is very high. Join a program today and make a successful career in data analytics.

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