Top Arabic Mehndi Designs

Are you interested in trying something different from Indian Mehndi designs? Are you looking for designs that are simple with different shades and strokes? Then this blog is your ultimate destination. Yes, there is a way to fulfill all the above desires, the Arabic Mehndi design. Arabic Mehndi designs are not so complex yet mesmerizing. These designs can uplift the beauty of both the hands and legs. Girls prefer to make Arabic designs on their full hand. You will get scattered patterns and different bright color options. You can notice the designs are bold and give a 3D look. The brides are also nowadays very fond of Arabic designs. So we have made a list of Arabic Mehndi designs that will help you a lot:

1. Rose with finger trail

A simple rose design in the center of the back of the palm looks great. The trail movement of leaf design joined with the rose adds more beauty to the overall design. Remember, the rose is in the bloom state.

2. Index and little finger Arabic design

Here two trails with a beautiful 3D pattern of flowers and leaves in the middle are sketched in the Index and little finger.

3. Clustered floral Arabic design

Small floral designs are an integral part of Arabic designs. When these flower designs come in clustered form, it becomes clustered flower design. If you fill your fingertips with Mehndi, then the beauty of this design doubles up.

4. Back finger Arabic design

It is an ornamental Arabic design made at the back of the palm. The leafy design is made on the fingers, leaving the tips, and the trail pattern of leaves is made at the wrist’s initials.

5. Ankle Arabic design

This design enhances the beauty of your ankle by drawing simple flowers and curves. Both brides and other ladies can try this beautiful idea of giving an ornamental look to their ankles.

6. Leafy Arabic Mehndi design

You can decorate the back of the palm with beautiful leafy patterns. This design also looks very classy and bold.

7.Prominent Paisley Arabic design

If you are looking for designs that can exceptionally go with a wedding or reception, you can go with this one. It includes paisley strokes with little leaf work and swirly curves over the fingers. This design is basically for the back of the palm.

8.Arm Arabic design

Yes, you can even style with the Mehndi design on the arms. Any flower motif you like can be sketched in the middle with several strokes and curves around it. You can try this design as a party look, as this can be a good alternative to tattoos.

You can be the center of attraction for any occasion with adorable and trendy Arabic Mehndi designs. The designs are really out of the box and eye-catching. You can make your special day even more special with Arabic Mehndi designs. It would be best if you tried these kinds of designs to get a different taste of Mehndi. With Arabic Mehndi designs, you have the option of trying the sleek Arabic designs on many parts of the body along with hands and legs.

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