Home remedy for blocked nose

Do you guys know what is blocked nose or stuffy nose, or sinus congestion? Well, the meaning of the three is almost the same. In a situation when the thick fluid gets stuck in the sinuses, we feel our nose has been blocked. This block is a very irritating and painful condition. We often do not take it seriously and consume medicines without prescription or sometimes ignore it. It can prove risky for you. Ignorance of such situations can give rise to the following.

  • Tired feeling
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches

Why ignore it when cool home remedies are there? We have presented a compiled homemade solution for blocked noses.

1. Required hydration

When you feel your nose blocked, the sinus also gets congested by the fluid. Inflammation of mucous membranes occurs at that time. So it would be best if you drank ample quantities of liquids to overcome the problem of a blocked nose. Remember to keep your body hydrated at any cost.

2. Steaming

It is essential to keep the mucous membranes moist, especially in cold weather, to prevent a blocked nose’s symptoms. Intake of steam by breathing does the same for you. You have to take the vapor coming from hot water. It will not allow the sinuses to get blocked.

3. Hot water bath

You must bathe in lukewarm water in winter or cold weather. A hot water bath can help you to avoid the symptoms of sinus congestion. It keeps the mucous membranes moist, and gradually your nose gets unblocked.

4. Head level up

When you suffer from a blocked nose, try to keep your head up than other parts of the body while laying down on the bed or sleeping. You may also place extra pillows below your head. It will help to avoid sinus congestion.

5. Usage of eucalyptus oil

Germ infection can cause sinus congestion or a blocked nose. Eucalyptus oil is good to kill those germs present in the nasal passage. You can spray some drops of this oil in a tissue paper and sleep beside it or take the steam of hot water mixed with drops of this oil.

6. Hot towel

You have to try to keep your body warm. So take a hot water-soaked towel, let the excess water drop-down, and softly move the towel all over the face. It will reduce the swelling of the sinus. A hot towel will also provide moisture to the mucous membranes.

7. Neti Pots

The looks of Neti pots are similar to tea puts but smaller in size. The saltwater in it is slowly poured inside the nasal passage. This process helps to flush everything that causes the blockage of the nose. But you must clean the neti pot with boiled water free from germs or distilled water, or sterile. Otherwise, uncleaned net pots may cause infections.

These are the home remedies that can cure the blocked nose’s problem and prevent such blockage symptoms. Often you may find yourself in a situation where doctors or medicines are not readily available, and these home remedies can give you relief in such cases.

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