Top Finance Companies in Delhi NCR

Are you aware of the functions of Finance companies? Well, a finance company does perform multiple roles for the betterment of the economy. Do you know who is responsible for providing credit for consumer goods purchases? None other than financial companies or institutions. They supply this credit either by sanctioning small loans to consumers or by purchasing time-sales contracts from merchants. These commercial banks here play the role of capital suppliers to finance companies. Our capital city is also crowded with several finance companies. But are you confused with so many options of finance companies? This blog is detailed with top finance companies in Delhi NCR, which will help remove your confusion.

1- Hero FinCorp Ltd

This company is first on the list of top finance companies in Delhi, NCR. It is a renowned Non-Banking finance company in India. You will get the following help from this financial institution:

  • Loans for a two-wheeler, SME, and commercial purposes
  • Used Car Finance
  • Loan against property

2- IFCI Ltd

This company is another renowned finance company in Delhi, NCR, set up on 1 July 1948. This first development finance company helps the industries to meet their long-term financial needs. IFCI Financial Services Ltd, IFCI Venture Capital Fund Ltd, IFCI Factories Ltd, IFCI Infrastructure Development Ltd are the subsidiary finance companies of IFCI.


This company has been in existence since 2006. This finance company is entirely operated under the ownership of the government of India. They support the infrastructure project by supplying long-term financial support.

4- PNB Housing Finance Ltd

This well-known financial institution has its head office in New Delhi. However, its branches are spread in PAN India. Its products are as follows:

  • Loans for home, plot, land, Home Improvement, home extension, and construction of the home
  • Loan against Property

5- Power Finance Corporation Ltd

This company is counted as fifth in the list of top finance companies in Delhi, NCR. PCF Ltd has been in the service since 16 July 1986, and it is a Non-Banking Financial Institution and a Schedule-A Navratna CPSE. Its branches are in Mumbai and Chennai and headquarters in New Delhi.

6- PTC India Financial Services Ltd

This company is a registered Non-Banking Financial Company of RBI. It has been set up following the rules of the Companies Act 1956. PTC is listed in BSE and NSE of India. This finance company provides financial support to the borrower or promoters after ascertaining their need, financial market condition, dangers and opportunities of the project, etc. Financial assistance is available in the form of 

  • Debt or Structured debt instruments
  • Funded or Non-funded 

7- SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt Ltd

This company is seventh among the top finance companies in Delhi, NCR. Its head office is in Gurgaon, but it has succeeded in expanding its branch offices to India’s several cities. SBI credit card is available in the following categories:

  • Travelling and shopping
  • Consumer credit card
  • Premium cards
  • Kisan and loan cards

8- SPA Capital Services Ltd

This Non-Banking Financial Company registered under RBI has been successfully serving the common public since 1995. Not only that, they provide financial assistance to both the wealth management and Financial Advisory sector of this country. This finance company also contributes to the mutual funds of the country. This finance company is a part of the SPA group and is listed on the Delhi stock exchange.

9- VLS Finance Ltd

This company is another finance company in Delhi NCR working quite successfully for a long time. This financial company is not restricted to a single category of financial services. It provides financial assistance in different verticals like for managing assets or strategic private.

10- Muthoot Finance

This company is another leading NBFC; Muthoot Finance is a part of the Muthoot Pappachan Group. This company has its branches in various parts of the country. They provide small business loans, Used car loans, two-wheeler loans, etc. They are also involved in services like wealth management, foreign exchange, domestic money transfer, and many more. 

Despite so many reputed finance companies in our country, many people/organizations are confused about choosing the right finance company. This blog can help them to make correct decisions regarding their financial support.


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