Top10 Kerala Box Office Blockbusters: Kerala’s Day-1 Record-Breakers That Stole the Spotlight

The Kerala box office has witnessed numerous spectacular performances over the years, with several movies leaving an indelible mark. Today, we take a journey through time to explore the top ten Day-1 grossers in Kerala, each a testament to its incredible popularity and the immense love it received from the audience.

1) LEO – ₹12 Crore

“LEO” made a grand entrance, amassing a whopping ₹12 crores on its Day-1, setting a new record and exciting fans with its riveting storyline.

2) KGF: Chapter 2 – ₹7.25 Crore

The highly anticipated “KGF: Chapter 2” exceeded expectations by raking in ₹7.25 crores on Day-1, signaling the immense excitement surrounding the film.

3) Odiyan – ₹6.76 Crore

“Odiyan” showcased its magic with a Day-1 collection of ₹6.76 crores, proving its widespread appeal.

4) Beast – ₹6.6 Crore

“Beast” unleashed its power at the box office, securing ₹6.6 crores on Day-1, a remarkable achievement for the much-anticipated movie.

5) Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham – ₹6.27 Crore

“Marakkar” sailed to success, earning a Day-1 collection of ₹6.27 crores, captivating audiences with its epic tale.

6) Bheeshma Parvam – ₹6.15 Crore

“Bheeshma Parvam” made its mark by garnering ₹6.15 crores on its Day-1, a testament to its engaging storytelling.

7) Sarkar – ₹6.05 Crore

“Sarkar” ruled the box office with a Day-1 collection of ₹6.05 crores, showcasing its immense popularity.

8) Jailer – ₹5.85 Crore

“Jailer” locked in a fantastic Day-1 collection of ₹5.85 crores, making it one of the top performers in Kerala.

9) Lucifer – ₹5.81 Crore

“Lucifer” set the screen on fire with a Day-1 collection of ₹5.81 crores, becoming an instant fan favorite.

10) King of Kotha – ₹5.71 Crore

“King of Kotha” made an impressive entry with a Day-1 collection of ₹5.71 crores, establishing itself as a must-watch film.

These Day-1 collections reflect the immense love and anticipation surrounding these movies, and they continue to be celebrated for their box office prowess. Kerala’s cinema enthusiasts have shown time and again that they appreciate diverse storytelling and stellar performances.

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