World Cancer Day: Cancer symptoms women should not ignore

Are you afraid of cancer? Do you know the symptoms of cancer? Are you all aware of the types of cancer? Can you imagine that the treatments of cancer have been made so much advanced? The experts and researchers are also motivated to continuously research medicines and technologies for the early detection and cure of cancer. World Cancer Day is celebrated on 4th February every year to spread awareness regarding cancer. Several types of cancer occur in different parts of the body. It takes place irrespective of gender. Cancer looks like a tumor. Cancerous diseases like leukemia do not take the shape of a tumor. Today in this blog, we are going to discuss the symptoms of cancer, which a woman should never ignore:

Irregular bleeding problem

A maximum number of women face the problem of pain or cramp-like feeling during periods. It is not a matter to be taken seriously. But as soon as you notice that pain is going out of control or staying for a long time, it can indeed be a sign of cancer. But some can also be the exception. You should also immediately consult a specialist if profound changes in the periodical cycle become noticeable. Periods continuing for more than seven days or big clots of blood are also consulting with the doctor. Women generally ignore these factors. But such ignorance encourages the expansion of uterine cancer most of the time.

Sign of bleeding after intercourse

Spots of blood or random bleeding after intercourse happens for reasons like an infection in that area, dryness of the vagina during intercourse, and uterine cancer occurrence. So the exact cause is not possible to be predicted by familiar people. So specialists can help you in such situations.

Postmenopause bleeding

Medical science considers a woman has touched her menopause when no signs of bleeding are visible for one year after 40. Cervical cancer is doubted when she again starts bleeding after the age of 40. It is time to talk to a doctor.

Ovarian cancer

Well, this cancer in women is difficult to predict as no specific symptoms are there. But still, some signs are after that identifying which you must visit your nearest doctor.
Sudden weight loss with lack of hunger.
Irregular bowels.
The problem of indigestion.
Abdominal inflammation or swelling.

All these symptoms may happen to be the warning signs of untreated ovarian cancer.

Breast size changes

Breast cancer is another big problem for which most women suffer a lot. It is always suggested that as soon as any women notice any lumps in the breast or blood coming out of nipples should immediately talk to a gynecologist. It can be called breast cancer. Don’t even ignore any changes in the skin texture of your breast. But surely there can be exceptions.

So we have noticed that cervical or uterine cancer and breast cancer are the common cancers that are visible in most women in this world. We all know precaution is better than cure. Women in the age group of 21-25 should start screening for cervical cancer to detect the disease in the initial stage. In the case of women having a history of breast cancer, the family must begin the screening process as early as possible.

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